As a child Margrieta used to watch her father in the magical darkroom in the attic of their old house in Slikkerveer. From the windows on the second floor you could look over the 'dijk' and imagine the large river and the windmills in the other side; one of the sounds she still hears in her dreams is the low voice of the mist horns the 'rijnaaks' used at night.' In the attic-darkroom she learned how to develop prints with a lot of critical advice from her father; which at that time she didn't always appreciate! She still has and cherishes her fathers Praktiflex.


After biology studies with a major in philosophy at Wageningen, Margrieta continued with a variety of studies in bronze casting, painting, etching and ceramics.


She has lived and worked in the Netherlands, Algeria, the Caribbean, Chile and Portugal. Her work embraces poetry, painting, etching, sculpture (ceramics), but her main creative outlet is photography. Only recently has she exhibited her photographic work which until now was kept in boxes or on the walls of her home.

   During the last few years she has received a number of awards and nominations in the International Photographic Awards (IPA fine art, nature, deeper perspective and portraiture awards), Px3, Black and White Spider Awards, Canon Creative Asia Awards, International Aperture Awards 2011 and in the Lens Based Art Show 2010 in Torino (Italy). A series of Still Lifes (taken with a whole plate camera) was part of the 2011 Gammelgaard Monochrome Award exhibition in Denmark and Great Britain.

   A selection of Portraits was published in the  2011 portfolio edition of the Silvershotz Photography Magazine. First prize in the Pollux september 2011 still life awards. Second place in the Global Photo Awards 2011 (still life).  A picture from the 'lost forest' series was featured in the Hasselblad bulletin. Photographs are featured in the fine art gallery of the Ilford website.  She is a member of the London Photographic Association.

   Currently she lives with her husband and three sons in Italy.