Homage a Monet



                       Beyond the Mirror



  Someone painted a blue square on a white wall;

it was not a complete painting of the whole wall,

neither a partial painting to make some restoration;

there had been painted something that was alien to the wall...;

something that didn't belong and was incomplete; like an an imagined painting...

  These bowls are like that painting; there is a break with the useful bowls that can be filled with chocolate or vanilla cream.

They are like waterlilies without roots, but so light they're able to float on water.

An image breaks down at the moment people start to ask about what is not there in the image;

the breakdown seems to proof that the image is not real as indeed it is not.

Its existence stands in contrast with reality – it lies beyond the mirror;

there is only the suggestion of reality.

  It seems there are bowls and precisely because of this these bowls can be stripped down of the meaning of bowls.

  There is some negation of reality, because the questions you have to ask and the answers you have to give are of a different kind then those you have to ask and give when you speak about useful bowls.






Inspired by an exchange of letters with Bert Meyer about 'Imagination and  Porcelain Waterlilies'.



These Waterlilies were at the Westerwald Keramik Museum (Koblenz, Germany) as part of the Ceramics of Europe Biennial Exhibition from 28 of August 2009 until 10 January 2010 and from 21 March until 6 July 2010 at the Grimmerhus museum at Denmark.